Security at banks, credit unions, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, and investment firms needs to be tight, reliable, and technologically advanced. Many financial facilities have cash and financial data which is changing hands and must be secure.

Issues range from internal and external theft, robberies, fraud and/or forgery, equipment tampering, trespassing and vandalism can easily be prevented before they occur. Disgruntled or emotional visitors can be unpredictable, depending on the situation. Cash ATM’s need to be constantly monitored and secured for the safety and identity protection of the people using them. Buildings are workplaces that need to offer protection to their employees from external harm and workplace violence.

Sophisticated and technologically advanced security solutions designed to protect employees, visitors, and assets are a requirement. Within the financial services industry, United Security integrates the very best security, safety, and productivity solutions with customers’ goals.

United Security Offers:

Secure and control access to high security areas such as offices, service counters, and safes. Biometric fingerprint access control systems replace traditional key locks and card swipe entrance tools that can easily be shared, duplicated or lost.
Prevent losses from occurring by securing facilities from break-ins and vandalism. Video surveillance systems combined with monitoring will alert authorities to unauthorized activities using high-resolution HD quality video.
Protect employees from bank robberies and the irrational decision making of others. Employees work in an environment that deposits and withdraws from people’s savings, and this affects their livelihoods, families, and general well-being. Thieves are also attracted. High security is necessary to help protect staff from these criminal acts. Surveillance and emergency safety systems are installed and maintained by United Security.
Using surveillance and time/attendance systems along with a structured internal training program, customer service ratings will benefit in this highly competitive marketplace.
Integrate cash transactions data into recorded video to enable quick smart search retrieval by transaction number and offer visual proof of cash transactions.
United Security can deploy technology including video analytics, which automatically trigger alarms caused by certain events, to help maintain the safety and security of the customer and the bank. Our focus will be to recommend the best solutions to solve your identified needs and requirements.