In recent years, additional security measures have become the norm for all commercial buildings and facilities and are no longer strictly the domain of high-end complexes. Clients are utilizing surveillance camera technology to reinforce security measures in order to safeguard the life, safety and wellbeing of all building occupants or residents. The constant flow of people entering and exiting commercial buildings makes it difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on.

Efficient security measures are critical for smooth business operations and improving building safety. Proper surveillance acts as a deterrent by minimizing the opportunity for unlawful acts. Surveillance also provides an irrefutable record that answers many questions if a theft or break-in occurs. A video surveillance system is the unblinking eyes that will keep tabs on what’s going on. Video surveillance can streamline security that will save businesses money.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in Office Buildings

Surveillance cameras are used by building security personnel to monitor lobby entrance, loading docks, fire exits and parking lot activity.
Surveillance cameras integrated with access control provide superior control against unauthorized entry. The system allows assignment of different levels of access on a multi-door, multi-level building. It also records employee attendance and provides basic access control. Controlling who has access to the building space is critical to protecting it.
Advances in digital technology have made it possible to view live or recorded surveillance footage remotely from any internet browser, or in some cases, a PDA. This breakthrough allows commercial facilities to stay protected 24 hours a day.
Our system provides blanket coverage of the external perimeters of the facilities as well as any sensitive internal areas.
Our technology provides a huge efficiency for organizations. The level of security for any operation increases dramatically, while the manpower costs associated with traditional security staffing arrangements are significantly reduced.