Retailers big and small face the daily challenge of shrinkage from internal and external theft. Commonly known as shoplifting, external elements of shrinkage are a cold hard fact of operating a retail business. Internal shrinkage however, commonly known as employee theft, accounts for nearly 50% of all losses retailers experience.

Retail stores are faced with the challenge of displaying merchandise in easily accessible displays to encourage purchasing and increase their sales. In these environments, customers and employees alike have full access to very valuable inventory that they exchange for money.

Video surveillance cameras with proper advance notification of their use can act as a strong deterrence to shrinkage, internal or external. The prevention of theft and the elimination of these losses are especially critical to protect the profitability and the success of the retail business operation.

Advantages of Store Surveillance

Prominently placed video cameras, monitors and signs to demonstrate to would be thieves that video surveillance monitoring and recording is in use, helps deter illegal pilferage and shrinkage.
Issues related to employee productivity can be resolved and improvements in the level of customer service can be obtained through the positive use and management aspects of a quality video surveillance system.
Vendor deliveries are able to be closely monitored eliminating vendor theft of deliveries.
Reduce store liability for slip and fall accidents and workman comp issues. Monitor for safety issues inherent with some inventory such as hardware stores.
Video Surveillance Systems are all capable of access via a common high speed internet connection. Owners and authorized management of a retail operation may view live video and audio streaming from the business at any time or login to check previously recorded video at any time from any location.


  • Video Surveillance cameras should always be used to capture high quality images of customers, vendors and employees who enter and exit the retail store location as a first line of defense.
  • Observation and recording of activities and personnel with access to inventory, stock areas, storage rooms and other high value locations will help prevent theft and control inventory losses.
  • High value areas where the most expensive merchandise is places or displayed such as collectable’s, jewelry and electronics should always have a video surveillance camera fixed on those locations.
  • Wide angle cameras, panoramic dome cameras, 360 degree full view cameras, megapixel or pan, tilt and zoom cameras are a sampling of the technology that can be used to give full usable video and coverage for large or small areas that may be otherwise, difficult to cover.
  • Customer service counters and areas where cash registers are located can benefit from video surveillance with audio enabling management to watch and hear the interaction between employees and customers.
  • Retailers often neglect to protect their business from inadvertent losses such as the loss of customers, due to vandalism and theft from customer’s cars in the parking lot. Such losses have a huge impact on the long term success of a retail operation.