Warehouse and distribution facilities face special security and safety situations.  Personnel safety, inventory security, fire hazard recognition and response, traffic and perimeter access control are just a few of management’s concerns.

A well planned video surveillance system, using the latest video surveillance technology, will add real-time monitoring capability to your security initiatives with video capture and event based motion detection useful for monitoring multiple locations in warehousing and distribution centers from a centralized control center. CCTV systems integrated with card access offer a cost effective solution to video surveillance of large scale facilities; solutions that increase efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits or Security Cameras for Distribution Facilities

Cameras are used to monitor for jammed conveyor belts, to watch over plant rooms for fire detection and to remotely monitor production machinery facilitating industrial processes. In the event of malfunctions, the cameras automatically issue alarms and, thanks to their high-resolution images, enable reliable remote diagnoses. Industrial applications are typically very demanding and require specialized applications.
Video Surveillance Systems deter theft and improve safety in warehouses and wholesale distribution facilities by making employees and others aware of their active use. Predominately located monitors, visible cameras and notification signage can serve as a constant reminder and act as a strong measure of prevention.
Visible security cameras keep employees accountable work time and break time.
Document worker accidents as to the full facts. Recording may be used in litigation defense and safety training.
Today’s video surveillance systems are typically accessed and managed across the network. This can be a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) meaning that the video whether live or recorded, can be viewed or reviewed remotely. This can be done from anywhere in the facility, over a VPN from another location or by connecting via the Internet. Secured by a user name and password, only those authorized would be able to access the information. For companies who have multiple locations, this could be extremely useful and save a lot of time as compared to traveling from location to location.

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