Customer Story: A Florida Home Owners Association (HOA)

Since the home owners association at a Rivera Beach Florida Community installed a digital surveillance system at their guard house, residents have seen the system catch dozens of incidents. The community has recovered a significant amount of money from vendors, visitors and homeowners that have damaged the gate system including knocking down the key pad entry system, breaking gate arms and damaging the bar code scanner.

The purpose of the cameras is not only to increase security at the entry, but also to reduce damage caused to the surrounding retaining walls and gates by those who would try to force entry.

The surveillance system designed for this community has also helped local authorities solve crimes including a shooting incident that occurred involving a carjacking victim and also provided crucial evidence in a case that involved a traffic death as a result of speeding. The system consists of four surveillance cameras of both the inbound and outbound lanes of the community’s entrance.

These cameras are equipped with night vision and special lenses that allow the community to identify license plates. The digital video recorder stores about 6 weeks of data which can be viewed online and archived for future viewing.

The entire system, including installation, cost roughly $16 / household. There was no added cost to the community, or an additional assessment. Rather, the cost was paid for with excess insurance funds recovered from the hurricane. This new system should reduce maintenance cost incurred by the community and help to keep crime in check. The system almost paid for itself in the first few months it was in use.


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