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20160621-DSC_6271“I feel United Security has a passionate commitment to establishing a sincere rapport with the client.  I feel that no matter who I’m dealing with from the company, they are truly invested in ensuring that I have the best customer service experience possible,” says John Crouch, Director of Facilities at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel.

In addition to providing great customer service, Crouch also looks for vendors to give him a price point that is fair to both parties.  United Security does both, says Crouch.

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is protecting its employees and patients, as well as assisting law enforcement, with United Security Alliance as their security partner.

Crucial Hospital Protection

Crouch is passionate about protection.  He has 13 years of experience overseeing hospital facilities.

Each and every one of his security initiatives are meant to keep everyone safe, a job he takes very seriously.

Unlike the previous security system at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, the intelligent Geutebrück security software that Crouch now has watermarks the video to allow footage to be submitted as non-tampered evidence in court. The system also utilizes both 360-degree camera viewing and panoramic camera capabilities that merges 4 camera views into one for 180-degree viewing.

20160621-DSC_6295The hospital also has license plate recognition at all entrances and exits, feeding into a system that matches license plates to an internal database.  At the same time, it sends a feed to the Pasco County Sheriff Department.  That feed is connected to the National Crime Database, which sends law enforcement a notice if a license plate connected to someone with an outstanding warrant anywhere in the U.S. has arrived on campus.

Crouch is working with Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to give them direct VPN access to the security system, through the Geutebrück video software management system installed on their server.  If the hospital ever has an active shooter event on campus, law enforcement can remote in and already have eyes within the building to start assessing the threat and identify where in the building they are.  This could potentially save lives.

“My goal is to ensure that Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is going to have access to my video cameras when they need them during an emergency, when we request their assistance,” says Crouch.  “United Security will be a part of that solution.”

Facial recognition is next on Crouch’s list to be considered for installation.

Regulatory Compliance

Hospitals present a unique environment for security solution providers to work within.  All hospitals in Florida are regulated by standards of The Joint Commission (JC), DNV, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of Florida.

20160621-DSC_6342The standards require hospitals to adhere to a certain set of infection control standards to prevent potential risk to their patients. This includes the use of infection control methodologies such as security solution technicians working within a booth that is approximately 2.5’ wide by 6’ tall, a cocoon that makes contact with the ceiling.  When the ceiling tiles are opened to work on the security solution, they do their work within the mobile cocoon to ensure no dust exits the cocoon.

United Security technicians are also required to fully dress out with booties, gloves, and hat.  They also often work in the middle of the night, to put patients first.

It adds discomfort and labor time, but ultimately ensures the patients’ safety, which is of utmost importance.

Crouch needs to be sure that his contractors and vendors comply with the standards.  Regulatory agencies could do surprise visits.  The patients need to be protected.

“United Security takes it very seriously, says Crouch.  “Each employee they’ve sent here has behaved in a manner that I’d expect my own staff to behave in.  They’ve been very responsive to the needs of me, the customer.”

For More Info

For an on-site, comprehensive analysis of hospital facility security, staff safety and patient protection, please call (866) 620-0505 to schedule your first visit by a United Security representative or e-mail us for more information.

20160621-DSC_6317About Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

The 22nd member of the Florida Hospital family and the fifth Florida Hospital facility in the Tampa Bay region, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel opened its doors in October 2012 with an eye toward creating a patient-centered environment that focuses on providing exceptional health care, programs and services for long-term wellness. This brand-new facility was built from the ground up and designed with our patients’ healing, care and wellness in mind. Our expert staff will provide you with not just cutting-edge technology and the latest medical advances, but also the compassionate, individualized care for which Florida Hospital has been known for over 100 years.  Find out more:

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