Customer Story: Royal Cup Coffee

Full Service Advantage

Originally, Royal Cup Coffee’s video surveillance system was provided through a well-known security company that was difficult to rely on and wouldn’t fix equipment. So when it came time to renew, Royal Cup management was resistant to upgrade that equipment, put in an access control system, and invest capital in a large scale security and safety solution, especially after that experience.

That all changed when they discovered the United Security Alliance solution that offered a Full Service Program with no large capital outlay.

DSC06755“We had legitimate operating expenses that could be expensed immediately instead of depreciating,” says Russell Young, Director of Maintenance at Royal Cup Coffee, a major coffee importer, roaster, and distributor of premium coffees and teas, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The Full Service Program allowed us to move forward without needing capital allocated to the project.”

Full Service Means Full Service… Really.

“You’re always on an upgrade path.  You get upgraded equipment at the end of each contract,” says Young.

Does he need new equipment?

“There are features in our systems that we haven’t even used yet.  They’re more sophisticated than what appears in our operation, so we know they’re there if we want or need them.  In addition, maintenance and service are prepaid in the contract.”

Young testifies that United Security has honored their service policies.  And, would he recommend them?

“Yes.  As a matter of fact, I already have,” he says.

DSC06748Protecting Boundaries

“We decided to work with United Security because we had a desire to keep our facility boundaries secure.  Our customers are worried about food terrorism.  We needed a secure way to keep people out,” says Young.

United Security provides Royal Cup’s access control for all doors as well as a perimeter breach detection system along property lines that interfaces with a video surveillance system.  A fire alarm system is also installed for security of both personnel and property.  In fact, just a few short months ago, that fire alarm system was put to the test in a minor coffee roaster fire and it worked perfectly.

Meeting Auditor Requirements

Although Royal Cup doesn’t need to comply with most of the FDA regulations themselves, their customers do. Young says there are a lot of third party auditors in food processing.  Most require all doors be locked all day.  Royal Cup was under pressure from national accounts.

DSC06760A Phased Approach

The project has grown in scale over the years.  Personal security was critical at a 24/7 operation.  Royal Cup started with access control and video surveillance both indoors and outdoors at three buildings, and quickly expanded to protect the whole facility.  As Royal Cup’s operations expand, the system will as well.

In addition to all the other advantages of working with United Security, Young says the service personnel are all very professional, well-dressed, and well-mannered.  They follow safety protocols, don’t waste time, and do good work.  These things are important to him.

For More Info

For an on-site, comprehensive analysis of common areas of loss related to security, safety, and productivity at your facility, please call (866) 620-0505 to schedule your first visit by a United Security representative.


About Royal Cup Coffee

Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of premium coffees and teas. Serving customers in the food service, office and specialty coffee markets, Royal Cup now reaches markets throughout the United States, into Mexico and the Caribbean. For more information visit

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