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Twin Oaks Juvenile Development

Security: An Integral Part of the Program

Twin Oaks Juvenile DevelopmentThe security solution trusted to protect the children, staff, and the Twin Oaks Juvenile Development organization itself is integral to the success of the entire operation. Twin Oaks is a non-profit organization that maintains three residential camps and many outpatient treatment centers for children all over Florida. Twin Oaks helps treat children who at the time are deemed incompetent to proceed within the judicial system on the charges against them. It also rehabilitates children if convicted.

The security solution at the Apalachicola Forest Youth Camp, west of Tallahassee, has incorporated a Geutebrück Video Surveillance System with a total of 78 cameras and 72 audio microphones in total. Two other Twin Oaks residential camps have video/audio systems with another 77 cameras.

A critical element of their operation, Twin Oaks is required under contract with the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) to provide uninterrupted 24/7 sight and sound supervision at their facilities. United Security Alliance is proud to have been a trusted partner at Twin Oaks camps since 2010. United Security maintains the reliability of the Geutebrück video/audio solutions demanded by the ultra-secure nature of these residential youth camps.

Protecting Kids, Staff & Company

“These programs can often be highly charged and sometimes volatile by the nature of what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Charles Chervanik, Chief Operations Officer at Twin Oaks Juvenile Development. “Videos show proof of what actually did or did not occur. They protect everyone.”

“If it weren’t for the reliability and quality of the security cameras, audio, and software from United Security, we may not have been able to maintain our contract with the Florida Department of Children and Families,” says Benjie Read, Chief Financial Officer at Twin Oaks.

Eyes, Ears & Teaching Tools

security and surveillance system“Not only can we see everything, but we can hear everything, everywhere at the camps,” says Chervanik.
The security and surveillance system watches the children and helps the staff use it as a tool to help them improve or stop children’s behaviors. The system also watches staff and helps management use it as a tool to coach staff in different methods of handling situations.

Twin Oaks uses the security system as a teaching tool for continuous improvement of both children and staff.

“If DCF is called on a report of abuse, it needs to be investigated. A lot of times, the children are just mad and they are trying to get something to happen. The video shows evidence,” says Johnna McBride, Assistant Director of the Apalachicola Forest Youth Camp. “I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.”

Reasons to Renew

“United Security doesn’t just come out to install a system and walk away,” says Chervanik. “They seem to anticipate our needs. And, if there’s a problem here, they need to address it quickly, and they do.”

When Twin Oaks’ full service agreement came up for renewal and upgrade after five years, the team made an easy decision to stay with United Security.

GeutebrückWhy did they renew? They receive exceptional service. The people at United Security do what they say they are going to do. The Geutebrück-based technology and equipment United Security provided back in 2010 is extremely reliable and has been well maintained. They have found true partners in their endeavors. They get resolutions to any issues quickly. Put simply, they like everyone they work with at United Security.

As one of the primary users, the upgrade that came with the renewal made McBride “feel like a kid in a candy store.” She also claims that whenever something happens, it’s resolved within 24 hours. “They are definitely responsive to our needs,” she says. “From a service perspective, they really are exceptional.”
Chervanik adds, “The system is state of the art. I’ve never seen anything better. It’s so crisp and clear. The quality of the new Geutebrück G-Core software is phenomenal.”

In addition, one of the camps is prone to lightning strikes. It’s a massive campus with a lot of buildings. Still, United Security replaces and repairs any security equipment damaged by lightning strikes, says Chervanik.

For More Info

“We trust United Security because they’ve earned it. I’m comfortable with the pricing. I’m certainly comfortable with the service. And, most importantly, we’ve earned credibility with the state of Florida in regards to our security,” says Read.

“They have done what they said they were going to do,” says both Chervanik and Read.

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