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100 North Tampa Street

100_NT_Photos_From_Cott_Slides_004“Maintaining security is absolutely of paramount importance in the management of our property,” says Calvin Buikema, Sr. Property Manager at 100 North Tampa Street in downtown Tampa, with Cushman & Wakefield.

The building is the tallest building on the west coast of Florida, standing 42 stories tall with 552,080 rentable square feet of office space.

United Security Alliance upgraded the entire video and intercom security solution with, according to Buikeman, very minimal if any interruptions to tenant operations during a two week installation in 2016. They also experienced no downtime as a management company in the building.

Intercom Communication with Security Officers

Buikema first contacted United Security to replace an aging intercom system.  Downtime was unacceptable.  It was deemed extremely critical to communicate with tenants and guests in the building, should there be a need to do so, particularly in the elevators.

RW8A1809RW8A1825Early on in the conversations with United Security, he began to realize the right decision would be to replace the cameras, hardware and software as well, to upgrade the entire solution at one time.


United Security was fully equipped to handle the project, since all aspects were security-related.

“With the economy of scale, we would benefit from doing them both at the same time,” concluded Buikema.  “When we received the quote back from United Security and saw that it did make sense financially, we opted to do so.”

RW8A1842RW8A1952Forty-three intercom stations are located throughout the building, including all 16 elevators, the stairwells, parking garage floors, and at entry points into the building.  All intercoms are one call away to be connected with the building’s 24/7 security staff at any moment.

Camera Security Solution

Geutebrück manufactured cameras are strategically located throughout the building and are powered by the Geutebrück security solution.  There is a camera in each of the 16 elevators, plus another 16 cameras located in the lobby, both entryways to the building, at the loading dock, and in the parking garage.

RW8A1879RW8A1830Four cameras in the lobby track different directions, entries, and exits.  Because of the 20 ft. height of the ceilings, the team working on the project knew it was imperative to pick up on detail that might be necessary in the future.  They went with 4K, 8MP dome cameras at those locations.

Quality of Installation

Buikema claims United Security was excellent during installation.  “We were very impressed with their responsiveness, and very impressed with the personnel they brought on board.  We had no issues with them through the entire two plus week process.  I was very impressed with the work they did and also with the follow up.  We do have a 5-year unlimited warranty on the equipment including lightning strikes so that certainly motivated us as well to choose United Security as the vendor of choice,” he says.

RW8A1960RW8A1945In Comparison

In respect to large installations at large buildings, “I think United Security competes very favorably with other contractors providing similar services in a building of this size,” Buikema says.

Initially, United Security brought industry knowledge and an understanding of the choices regarding equipment, coverage, and more.  Once Buikema made the decision to go with United Security, the equipment was installed, and he saw the results of what the installation meant to the intercom communication, the camera quality he now has, and the server rack now has that far surpasses what he had previously, he says “We are very pleased with the overall product and the end result.”

RW8A1885RW8A1905The building at 100 North Tampa Street is a premier Class A office building in Tampa.  The Cushman & Wakefield team truly felt that United Security mirrored that same quality of being a premier Class A solution provider in their own field, providing and installing security camera systems and intercom systems as part of the overall security solution.

For More Info

For an on-site, comprehensive analysis of commercial office building security, please call (866) 620-0505 to schedule your first visit by a United Security representative or e-mail us for more information.

RW8A1994About 100 North Tampa Street

Tampa’s tallest building and the premier office address in the Tampa Bay area, 100 North Tampa stands 42 stories tall with 552,080 rentable square feet. Noted for its classic architecture, the tower also features distinctive interior details, including two murals by noted artist Richard Haas. Amenities include in-building parking, a concierge, dry cleaners, sundry shop, auto detail center, YMCA, conference center and a Regions Bank Branch.  Find out more:


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