Businesses have successfully managed payroll costs and reduced or eliminated overtime by controlling employee productivity with video surveillance.

Employee productivity can be monitored by ensuring processes and procedures are followed for increased efficiencies.  Areas for improvement in these existing processes and procedures can be quickly and efficiently identified.

In addition, wasted time at work is costing companies billions. conducted a 2012 Survey with results that are likely still true today.  Thirty-nine (39%) percent of the people who took the survey said they spend a mere 1 hour a week or less on non-work related items. That’s followed by 29 percent who spend up to 2 hours a week wasting time on the computer at work, and 21 percent who waste up to 5 hours a week. Only 3 percent of respondents spend 10 hours or more on personal tasks while at work in a given week.

Businesses realize the impact productivity or the lack thereof can have on the bottom line profits of a business. Whatever the numbers, they can be controlled and thereby reduced with technology.  United Security solutions are proven to save companies money through increased employee performance and productivity.