Touchscreen technology: The perfect tool for today's businessmanPrevent Losses

The solutions provided by United Security adhere to a basic philosophy of prevention. Deploying and publicizing the usage of a video surveillance system creates a strong deterrence to crime including theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Creating a secure environment is the first step in protecting assets.  Studies have shown crime (including theft, vandalism, mischievous activity as well as serious crime) occurs less often if people know in advance they are being watched.

Vandalism and Trespassing

Vandalism and trespassing can damage a business’s image and reputation within the community. Criminals’ biggest fears are those of being caught.  The use of outdoor video surveillance technology is an excellent investment proven to prevent, reduce or eliminate:

  • Damage to businesses property and vehicles
    • Vandalism is expensive, time consuming, and aggravating.
  • Damage to customer’s property and vehicles
    • Vandalism drives business away to “safer” competitors.
  • Loss of assets, and cash
    • Armed robberies estimated to average over $2,000 per incident.

Employee Theft

Video surveillance, video monitoring, video analytics, and secured access control is key to reducing employee theft in any environment including retail, manufacturing and distribution and warehousing.  Both management and loss prevention personnel are United Security’s partners in the goal of eliminating these crimes.

Many employees fall into the habit of stealing when two things exist: need and opportunity.  United Security removes the opportunity by monitoring and recording all employee activities.  Employees who are not monitored might steal inventory and merchandise for personal use at home, or for family and friends.  They might believe that coworkers do it, so why can’t they?  Video surveillance cameras can become an effective deterrent, and also show indisputable proof, should it ever become necessary.

Internal and External Retail Theft

The latest National Retail Security Survey showed that retailers in 2011 lost $34.5 billion to retail theft, or shrink – the loss of inventory due to employee theft, shoplifting, paperwork errors, or supplier fraud. Overall, that accounted for approximately 1.4% of retailers’ sales.  According to the survey:

  • Employee theft accounted for the majority of retail shrinkage in 2011 (43.9% of total losses).
  • Shoplifting accounted for 35.7 percent of total losses, up from just over 32% in 2010
  • Other losses included administrative error (12.1% of shrinkage) and vendor fraud at 5%.

With an effective surveillance and video recording solution, retail businesses can control shrinkage at the point of sale (POS), at the cash register.  These include ringing up sales on the no sale key, fictitious voids/refunds, keeping exact change purchases, sweet-hearting for friends or family, and also shorting ringing or under ringing, and the infamous “no sale” transactions.

Businesses including retailers are switching to United Security’s megapixel video systems for higher quality video that can be accessed remotely. This allows owners and managers to keep track of their facilities at one or more locations while at home, in a remote office or on vacation. Our program provides the ability to supervise their businesses and confirm that things are being done correctly.