To control access to locations via doors and gates, United Security provides access control solutions. Manufacturers and products are selected according to criteria such as reliability, scalability, and IP and/or browser-based technology. Whether the solution is for 2 doors in one facility or 200 doors in 10 facilities, United Security will deliver a solution that is easy to use and manage by the customer.

Biometric access control is widely being recognized as the best and recommended by United Security in most of the access control applications.  Biometrics are without question, the most secure solution for access control.  Unlike traditional card-based systems, biometrics (fingers and faces) cannot be shared, duplicated, lost, stolen, or left somewhere else. This relieves the burden of card management which often plagues management and human resources, which is both costly and time consuming.

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition is today’s best access control solution.  It replaces card and key readers at individual access control stations.  Fingerprint recognition can be added into solutions for new installations, extensions of existing systems, or in replacement of card reader systems.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Facial recognition access control stations are most often recommended for no-touch locations such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Biometric solutions provide the greatest security.

Proximity Cards & Key Fobs

United Security is committed to meeting customers’ needs and goals.  The team will communicate the pros and cons of a proximity card or key fob solution versus a biometric-based solution, and will always provide a solution to meet a customer’s needs and budget.  Since these systems have been around so long, there are many legacy systems that require upgrades or support. United Security maintains certifications in a wide range of proximity-based thereby has a variety of solutions for recommendation.

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