Commercial Alarm Systems

United Security provides both fire safety alarms and security/intrusion alarms to commercial businesses.  Whether the primary goal is to protect property during off hours, limit access to only authorized individuals, or prevent catastrophe due to fire, a quality solution will be engineered and deployed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Emergency Phones – Mass Notification Systems

United Security provides emergency communication stations and mass notification systems for education, corporate, hospital, airport, and municipal locations.  Pedestal help points, wall mount help points, and public address speakers are all offered and supported by United Security.  These stations include emergency phones and connects them through software.  Mobile apps for one-touch alerting and emergency notifications are also available.

Muster Systems

In the event of an emergency evacuation, every second that can be saved when attempting to account for personnel is precious. Technology such as fingerprint biometrics and electronic reports are available through United Security for muster system solutions.  In the event of an emergency, technologically advanced muster systems speed up the time it takes to account for every person who is in a plant or facility, and can also help determine the last location someone was in before considered missing.

Smoke & Fire Detection

United Security recommends and installs advanced video camera and analytic solutions which are specifically designed for the early detection of smoke and fire.  Early detection and prevention initiatives can make a huge difference in the safety of both life and property.

Two-Way Audio Systems

Two-way audio speaker systems may be designed and installed throughout buildings to ensure adequate interaction opportunities are provided between security personnel and the people they serve to protect.  Instructions, updates, and overall communication may be enabled from remote locations.

United Security often installs two-way audio systems in classrooms as part of student and staff safety programs and to fulfill “campus hardening” initiatives at educational facilities and campuses.