Used to monitor productivity and clock hours worked, biometric time and control systems are provided by United Security. Biometric systems are the most accurate solution.  Unlike traditional card-based systems, biometrics (fingers and faces) cannot be shared, duplicated, lost, stolen, or left somewhere else. This relieves the burden of card management which often plagues human resources which is both costly and time consuming.

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition offers a secure (foolproof) solution for time and attendance.  Replacing time cards and time clocks, biometrics cannot be compromised thus facilitating the accurate accounting of payroll hours and claimed overtime.  The implementation of a biometric time and attendance solution, has been proven to produce an immediate and substantial savings of payroll dollars and time.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Facial recognition, although not as common as the fingerprint technology, may also be used for no-touch time & attendance locations such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Biometric solutions, whether they are fingerprint, facial recognition or both, always provide the greatest security.

Proximity Cards & Badges

United Security is committed to meeting customers’ needs and goals.  The team will communicate the pros and cons of a proximity card or badge solution for time and attendance, and will always provide a solution to meet a customer’s needs and budget.