The vast majority of United Security’s customers require video camera surveillance. United Security uses the most advanced technology thereby producing high quality megapixel IP video. The company is authorized and its staff members are certified with companies such as Geutebrück, Sony and Arecont, because they were found to be the best video surveillance products in the industry.

IP Megapixel Cameras

United Security only provides the highest quality cameras producing megapixel IP video and still images, rather than lower quality analog solutions.  Technology has advanced, storage costs have gone down, available bandwidth has increased, and video compression has been refined.  Analog systems which are only capable of VGA resolution are being replaced with IP megapixel cameras in record numbers as customers realize the benefits of high resolution video.

Pan, Tilt, & Zoom Cameras

In applications where full time supervision of the video surveillance by management or security personnel is possible, customers may benefit from megapixel pan, tilt and zoom cameras.  These cameras allow monitoring larger areas while panning, stopping the camera on a particular area, and zooming in for a close-up view.

Panoramic 180-Degree Cameras

In mostly unmanned applications, United Security will most often recommend panoramic 180-degree megapixel cameras for consistent coverage of larger areas, such as the entire view from one side of a building.  The result is a consistently reliable video capture of an entire area in one view without the need to visually piece together multiple videos and images.

Thermal Cameras

United Security recommends thermal cameras and can integrate this technology with customized video analytics for advanced applications such as:

  • High Security Perimeter Detection
    • Ports Security
    • Marine Security
    • Correctional Facilities
  • Environmentally Challenging Conditions
    • Fog, Rain, Snow
  • Electrical / mechanical monitoring applications
    • High Heat or Temperature Changes

Vehicle License Tag Capture

United Security provides high-quality specialized tag capture cameras used to obtain images and document license plates.  Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) may also be specified and included in a solution using specialized software to support a data search and retrieval of captured tags and events.