United Security Alliance offers a Full Service and Warranty Program unlike others in the industry.

United Security’s Full Service Program is not filled with exemptions and exclusions as to what is not covered. Instead, it goes way beyond what any other company in the security industry is willing to provide. This program has been ranked by many of the company’s industry peers as the best service, warranty and support package in the business.

Customers have found this service to be second to none.  Included under the Full Service Program are the following:

  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    United Security Alliance believes that service is of the utmost importance. Consequently, we have a uniquely designed program for our customer’s convenience. One of the exclusive benefits of our program is our warranty. With each system installed, we provide a full five (5) year warranty for parts and labor. This overrides any manufacturer’s warranty and shows the confidence we have in the quality of the equipment we propose to use in your installation.
  • 5 Year Fix or Replace Service Policy
    If any defective component cannot be repaired at the site, we simply replace it with a new component and remove the defective one. This policy has served our customers well in minimizing system downtime, thereby providing more continuity in the security.
  • 5 Year Lightning Damage Warranty
    Included as part of this exclusive Full Service Warranty program is a 100% replacement guarantee on any system or component that is damaged by lightning or power surges. This lightning damage guarantee is never offered in the security industry since the miniaturization of electronics has made electronic systems more susceptible to damage from such unpredictable yet destructive surges. Our bold initiative to offer full-replacement coverage as a part of our warranty, has saved many of our customers thousands of dollars and provided that additional peace of mind knowing their system is protected.
  • 5 Years of System Maintenance
    United Security believes that maintenance is as important if not more important than the service we provide. Since our program is an “all inclusive” program, we provide ongoing maintenance of all systems including backups of critical configuration files, routine system check-ups, hard disk testing and in most cases, system health monitoring for increased performance and stability.
  • Free Software & Firmware Updates
    As software is upgraded and updated, those improvements will be pushed to client systems at no extra charge.  All of those charges are included in the Full Service Program.
  • 24/7 On-Call Service Response
    Another exclusive found only at United Security Alliance is our 24/7 service. Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are therefore always ready to respond to your needs.
  • Technology Upgrades / No Obsolescence
    Only United Security has a program to prevent obsolescence. As technology advances, customers are provided with an opportunity to upgrade systems with the newer technology of the future. Upgrades to a comparably sized system are commonly renewed with little or no increase for inflation.