Why We Do What We Do

By Terry Ottinger, Founder & CEO

When my wife Ann and I started United Security Alliance in 1985, we had the far reaching goal of becoming a nationwide integrator of security solutions.  We started by renting one single office and beginning from scratch. The systems looked a lot different then, than they do now, that’s for sure!

But there were reasons behind doing what we did, reasons behind quitting our successful jobs at the time, and reasons why we took that risk.  There always are.  Why did I get started in this particular industry?  The answer holds much more meaning than our original mission conveyed.

I want to help people stay safe.  I want companies to protect their people.  I don’t want anything stolen from people who worked hard to get it there.  I want to use the latest advancements in technology to build better solutions every time.  And, I want to help people become more efficient so their lives can be made easier.

Video surveillance, access control, and all the other systems we support were created to protect people and protect assets.  They help companies become more profitable.  I want to share that technology with others, because it simply makes so much sense.

You see, we really come to work each day to serve our customers and make their lives better.  That’s what makes this business worth it.  And that’s why I remain in it.

Today, we’ve grown with the technology, expanded our reach into other types of solutions, built a solid company that supports many families, and accomplished our original goal of going nationwide.  And, we have much further to go so we can help more people.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you reach your goals.

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